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Dawn Lilburn Counselling, Supervision and EMDR | York | North Yorkshire

Counsellor Supervisor and EMDR Therapist

Added 03/2011
Viewed 5158 times

EFT in Liverpool - Jenny Luscombe EFT | Liverpool | Merseyside

An Advanced Accredited EFT Therapist- Emotional Freedom Techniques are so easy, gentle, fast and effective it will amaze you! Tapping on meridian points on the face and body helps you to heal by surfacing unwanted unconscious beliefs and past events

Added 05/2016
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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy by Great Minds Clinic | Altrincham | Greater Manchester

Do you want feel calm, in control, without anxiety and stress? Do you need a boost to be at your best or help with weightloss? Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with these issues, and more. If you are interested let me show you how I can help.

Added 09/2015
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Linda Newbold | Betchworth | Surrey

Holistic Counselling Practice provides Counselling, Psychotherapy,Couples Counselling & CBT & Mindfulness to help you with life's difficulties.

Added 06/2011
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Counselling In Twickenham | Enduring Mind | Twickenham | Greater London

You may feel anxious, unable to cope or struggle in relationships. So it can really help to talk to an experienced counsellor (Masters Degree). You will find me warm, open & easy to talk to. I offer Counselling in Twickenham for individuals & couples

Added 01/2014
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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Nottingham - www.samanthahillyertherapies.co.uk | West Bridgford, Nottingham | Nottinghamshire

Bringing training, life experience, compassion and professionalism to your journey.

Added 10/2012
Viewed 2092 times

Nuru Massage London | London | Greater London

Nuru Massage London can cure your soul and you won't feel sad anymore

Added 08/2016
Viewed 392 times

The Flying Masseur | Marylebone | Greater London

The Flying Masseur. The Most Fabulous Therapists In The World. Serving London and the World.

Added 02/2017
Viewed 997 times

Wellness Coaching & Hypnotherapy | Swindon | Wiltshire

Wellness coaching, Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Swindon Wiltshire

Added 07/2014
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