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Body Therapeutics | London |

Acupuncture & Complementary Therapies in Central London

Added 03/2011
Viewed 8651 times

EFT in Liverpool - Jenny Luscombe EFT | Liverpool | Merseyside

An Advanced Accredited EFT Therapist- Emotional Freedom Techniques are so easy, gentle, fast and effective it will amaze you! Tapping on meridian points on the face and body helps you to heal by surfacing unwanted unconscious beliefs and past events

Added 05/2016
Viewed 5633 times

Holistic Health Coaching, Functional Fitness Training and Back Pain Management in Buckinghamshire - H.E.A.L | Beaconsfield | Buckinghamshire

Beaconsfield's leading provider of Holistic Health Coaching and Corrective & Functional Exercise Programmes

Added 05/2012
Viewed 3312 times

Intrepid Health, Emotional Support & Therapy with EFT (tapping) | Brighton & Hove | East Sussex

Emotional Support and Confidence: EFT in Brighton & Hove

Added 11/2014
Viewed 1920 times

Linda Mortimer Hypnotherapy | Orpington | Greater London

FREE consultation available

Added 04/2017
Viewed 881 times

Muscles, Backs and Bones | Ealing and surrounding boroughs | Greater London

For sports injuries and massage

Added 03/2011
Viewed 1962 times

Smart Therapies | Saltburn | North Yorkshire

Pain Relief in East Cleveland

Added 03/2013
Viewed 2968 times

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