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invitationtotalk | Bristol | Bristol

Counselling/Coaching St George, Bristol, BACP Accredited Counsellor, Relationships, Couples Counselling, Anxiety/OCD, Alcohol, Drugs, Food and Relationship Addictions, Coaching for essays and presentations

Added 08/2012
Viewed 8477 times

Linda Newbold | Betchworth | Surrey

Holistic Counselling Practice provides Counselling, Psychotherapy,Couples Counselling & CBT & Mindfulness to help you with life's difficulties.

Added 06/2011
Viewed 12842 times

Natural Medicine | Cobham | Surrey

NATURAL MEDICINE COMPLETE HEALTHCARE Assisted Fertility, Laser therapy, Counselling

Added 10/2011
Viewed 6266 times

Progressive NLP | Lincoln | Lincolnshire

Certified NLP Training

Added 07/2011
Viewed 3593 times

Confidence To Be | London | Greater London

Reduce stress, increase health & wellbeing

Added 07/2014
Viewed 2731 times

Counselling In Twickenham | Enduring Mind | Twickenham | Greater London

You may feel anxious, unable to cope or struggle in relationships. So it can really help to talk to an experienced counsellor (Masters Degree). You will find me warm, open & easy to talk to. I offer Counselling in Twickenham for individuals & couples

Added 01/2014
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FISU - Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment | London |

Worldwide Meditation Centres

Added 05/2016
Viewed 942 times

Heather Morfett | Exeter | Devon

Individual & Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Exeter & Plymouth. Clinical Supervision for health professionals and workers.

Added 04/2013
Viewed 2266 times

Mindfulness Meditation | Salisbury | Wiltshire

Mindfulness Meditation Stress Reduction Courses

Added 05/2016
Viewed 415 times

Natural Path to Radiant Health | Newton Poppleford | Devon

Counselling, Aromatherapy, Massage, Counselling, Meditation, Healing

Added 02/2014
Viewed 3211 times

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