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Ann Lawrence Therapy | Wokingham | Berkshire

Hypnotherapy and Counselling for Children and Adults

Added 10/2014
Viewed 2505 times

Life Matters Group | London | Greater London

If you are looking for a professional clinic that can offer you a variety of therapies then look no further than Life Matters. We offer counselling, psychotherapy, advanced hypnotherapy, and specialist programmes for anxiety and weight loss.

Added 07/2013
Viewed 2465 times

Lynn Brookes Hypnotherapy & Counselling | Plymouth | Devon

Lynn Brookes Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Added 04/2014
Viewed 2167 times

Tamar Valley Hypnotherapy | Launceston | Cornwall

Hypnotherapy - Solution Focused. Helps with many difficulties; anxiety, low mood, anger, weight control, phobias, smoking cessation

Added 01/2014
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