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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Wokingham | Wokingham | Berkshire

Experienced counsellor based in Wokingham providing long and short term counselling and psychotherapy to help you feel better and move forward in life.

Added 08/2012
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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Wokingham & Basingstoke | Wokingham | Berkshire

Supporting your well-being. Professional and experienced Counselling, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy services in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Added 08/2012
Viewed 7642 times

Linda Newbold | Betchworth | Surrey

Holistic Counselling Practice provides Counselling, Psychotherapy,Couples Counselling & CBT & Mindfulness to help you with life's difficulties.

Added 06/2011
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Natural Medicine | Cobham | Surrey

NATURAL MEDICINE COMPLETE HEALTHCARE Assisted Fertility, Laser therapy, Counselling

Added 10/2011
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Peter Ralph BSc(Honours) Psychology, MBPsS, MAC | Challaborough | Devon

Peter uses a psychological approach to help you improve your life and your well-being. His unique style and expertise lets you to subtly change issues that are holding you back. Specializing in Social Anxiety Disorder. Coaching and Counselling.

Added 05/2013
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Energy Coach, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, EFT | london | Greater London

Quantum Touch Practitioner, Energy Coach

Added 07/2014
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Coaching with Mary O'Neill | Edinburgh | Scotland

Working to eliminate workplace abrasion and incivility

Added 02/2017
Viewed 509 times

Explore Therapy | Sutton | Surrey

Counselling and Coaching in Sutton

Added 03/2015
Viewed 2170 times

For Minds Sake Hypnotherapy | Guildford, Hindhead | Surrey

Imagine taking back control of your life...A Calm and Confident you.

Added 12/2014
Viewed 2489 times

Gareth Eldridge | Clapham, West End, London Bridge | Greater London

Hypnotherapy and counselling in Clapham and central London - londonhypnocounselling

Added 08/2013
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